News, Culture, and Christianity as One Topic

I started a blog! The question, of course, is what do I have to say that you can’t already get elsewhere? Ummmm, probably nothing. But I don’t intend to let that stop me from trying, since I’m more or less obsessed with the topics that I propose to interweave on this blog. Left to my own devices, I could read or argue about current events (news + culture) and/or The Church all day, every day. And since I spend so much time thinking about the news and the church anyway, I’ve decided to begin writing on both. At the same time.

While I was in seminary, professors would invariably begin each semester by asking each student in a given class to tell everyone their name, their academic program, and what interested them. The first few times, I was honest and mentioned my interest in the intersection between news, culture, and Christianity. The blank stares and dismissive mumblings from my esteemed professors rapidly disabused me of my honesty, but the interest remains. And since I’ve seen first-hand that some of the brightest minds in Evangelical Christianity (I wasn’t being sarcastic: I continue to hold my professors in great esteem, even if few of them saw eye-to-eye with me) don’t see any connection between the Christian faith and the events in the news, I’ve started this blog to make my case.

While this is a new undertaking and I reserve the right to change my blogging process as I gain experience, I propose to write two posts per week. One will attempt to give the Christian reader something to think about from recent events, often with a global focus. The other post each week will be part of an ongoing topical series. The first such series will relate to the disconnect between evangelical culture and those beliefs which are normative to evangelicals, a disconnect that I attribute to the way an American cultural shift has translated into the American church (that’s vague, I know, but this isn’t one of those posts, so that’s all I’ll say for now).

So read on, tell your friends, and for the sake of this enterprise, PLEASE COMMENT! I think about these topics whether I have an audience to read them or not, but your comment may challenge someone else to think more deeply about an issue that initially strikes them as little more than a curiosity. It’ll be a lot more fun if these posts can become discussions rather than simple diatribes. So join in!

3 thoughts on “News, Culture, and Christianity as One Topic

  1. WOW, Great start. My question for you and your readers and my vote of confidence in your topic is this: How can you be a Christian and NOT see the correlation between news, current events, and Christianity? I have a great concern how clueless people are especially as it concerns America and the impact that current events are having on Christian rights not just today, but looking ahead several years down the road. Looking forward to reading and commenting. Thanks to your mom for cluing me in!

    • Thanks for reading, Phillip. In response to your question, I would suggest we notice what we’re taught to notice, and many have been taught to compartmentalize their faith rather than view it expansively. Also, since I did call out my professors a little bit in the post, I should point out that many of them DO see the connection in life, but that doesn’t mean they see that connection as warranting academic scrutiny and inquiry, which is usually the context at TEDS (the seminary I attended). The compartmentalization of the theological academy is an entirely separate topic, but definitely one that plays a role here.

  2. Hi, Aaron. I read the book Roaring Lambs by Bob Briner when I was attending JFM years ago while we (and you) were still in Michigan. The premise is that we have disengaged from the culture, becoming a subculture that has little connection to the culture at large–salt that sits in a shaker on a shelf. Briner urges Christians to become involved in promoting a Christian worldview by re-engaging in the arts and media. While I’m sure some of the material may be dated at this point, much of it is still true today. If you haven’t read it, you might want to check it out.

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